For Investors

WE OFFER MODERN AND RELIABLE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS for those who are willing to invest in their own future. This page provides all the basic information for investors who plan to invest in trading for profit.


PAMM account is an investment service, through which investors receive income. They do not need to trade on a cryptocurrency stock exchange themselves – this task is shifted to the manager. The principle of operation is quite simple:

01. The investor invests funds in the PAMM account of interest.

02. The manager, based on his experience and knowledge, concludes transactions to profit, receiving his share of income and earning money for the investor.

On our site you can watch real ratings of different accounts, updated online. This will allow you to invest more intelligently and track any changes in the market, planning a future investment strategy. Also here you will find current investment conditions. If you plan to invest in PAMM accounts, we recommend to read it.


PAMM portfolio is considered the best opportunity to diversify risks. And thanks to our resource, you will be able to choose the optimal portfolio for investment, taking into account the ratio of possible risks and profitability of accounts. The user simply selects the PAMM portfolio of interest, adjusts the distribution of the investment amount, and then simply tracks the return on such a portfolio.

PAMM-portfolio essentially combines several accounts into a single complex, allowing one to find the optimal ratio of possible risks and profits. The principle of operation is quite simple:

01. The manager forms a portfolio of accounts.

02. The investor selects a suitable portfolio for him and invests.

03. The manager manages trade. When succeeding, he increases capital – both his own and investor’s.

04. The investor gets his share of the successful bid.

PAMM portfolios are public and non-public. They differ in the minimum balance of the account, the presence of restrictions on the number of accounts in the portfolio, etc.


Here you can buy and sell cryptocurrency coins –
Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ripple, Tezer, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.

Each user can choose the number of coins to buy or sell, place an order, and also discuss with our manager all the details of the operation.

This is a convenient solution if you yourself want to trade a cryptocurrency and earn money to conduct transactions. If you have any questions, you can get a free consultation with our manager on the principles of investing, buying and selling cryptocurrency on our website.