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How does the company work?

Cdlconline is a managed company that seeks long-term capital growth. The company receives funds from customers for the management. The system, built on the basis of various variations of artificial intelligence and under the guidance of leading analysts, selects the most promising areas in which transactions are taking place, the profits from which are shared between the company and the customers.

Where does company profit come from?

We manage our safest portfolios in order to capitalize on quick price changes. The company receives a profit from the difference in the purchase price and the sale price of the asset, conducting speculative trading.

What are the conditions for opening trading accounts?

Cdlconline offers its customers the following trading accounts: “Basic”, “Classic”, “Gold”, “Platinum” and “Corporate”. More information you can find in the section “Account types”.

Where are the company's assets stored?

The resources of the fund that are not involved in trading operations are stored in the company's cold wallets (accounts). Also a software package designed to work with financial institutions is used. Part of the funds are in the world's largest banks.

Where can I see reports for previous periods?

Reports for previous periods can be sent at the request of active customer via email, but also we send it to all our customers at the end of a quarter.

Who can be a client of the company?

The company’s client can be either a legal entity or a natural person (who has reached a lawful age).

How to make a deposit?

To place a deposit, you need to replenish your personal account in your personal cabinet using the payment tools available for your region.

Does the company check its customers?

We request verification from customers under a public contract and KYC policy.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of the deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros. The upper limit of the deposit amount is not limited.

How do I get a cryptocurrency to make a deposit?

You can purchase a cryptocurrency in any Internet exchange office or in any other way convenient to you.

How can I check the current balance in the account?

The account balance can be checked in the personal account.

What happens to my money after placing a deposit?

After creating a deposit, its amount is debited from your account. Further, the system will select the most effective direction for making transactions in the digital asset market, to obtain the biggest profit at the lowest risk.

What are the costs and fees involved?

Currently, the company does not charge any fees. The only costs that you incur are commissions of third-party payment systems.

How are payments made?

The first withdrawal of profit received from deposit management is possible 10 days after the deposit is placed. Further, the withdrawal of profits can occur once a month, on 30th (31st) day from the moment of deposit placement, monthly, throughout the entire period of deposit placement. The body of the deposit is available for withdrawal after the expiration of the deposit, within 48 hours. If the funds were not withdrawn within 48 hours after the deposit period expires, the company automatically reinvests the funds for the same period as the previous one.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw funds to any available method in your personal account.

I want to withdraw before the end of the deposit term, what should I do?

If the funds are withdrawn before the end of the deposit period, the client does not receive the profit received during the deposit period and the company has the right to retain 10% of the deposit body.

I forgot my login/password. What should I do?

We do not store passwords in the system. You can use the password recovery form, and we will send you a link to reset your password.

What is the Arbitrage Unit (arbitrage)?

Arbitrage Unit (arbitrage) is a co-investing in larger cash funds. These funds can be used in different markets both for the purchase of cryptocurrencies and for their sale. As a result, this mechanism allows to make a profit for those investors who have co-invested funds, since several investors in the Arbitrage Unit are working on achieving one goal and this allows increasing profits and getting a stable income without risking personal account security.

What is “Benchmark fee”

Benchmark fee is a commission for achieving trading goals set for the account. Upon reaching planned targets, or in excess of planned targets, the fee is collected from the trader’s account, as a reward to the broker for fixing the planned profit. This fee is an incentive for both brokers and investors.

How many deals can I close in a month?

The number of transactions depends on many different factors: here both the state of the market itself and the activity of the trader when opening transactions play a role. Therefore, the monthly number of transactions is an individual indicator of each investor, but on average the number of transactions for most traders varies from 100 to 400 every month.

What are signals?

Trading signals are a tool for summarizing the market situation. Through signals, you can trade different pairs based on information from a reputable source.

Why do we need trading signals?

It is rather difficult to keep track of the situation on the market; this is why our company provides signals for cryptocurrency trading, as this can simplify trading for first-timers or users who like to compare their forecasts with experts' forecasts.

Do I need to have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to start investing?

No, you do not need to have any cryptocurrency assets at the start to begin working on the platform. More than half of the investors, who trade on our platform, did not have any cryptocurrency assets before they began to engage in trading.

How do I open a trading account?

To activate a trading account, you need to deposit it. You can use your e-wallet, credit card or bank transfer for depositing. Please note that withdrawals take place on the payment instrument that you use to activate your trading account.

How can I delete my account?

There is no possibility to completely delete an account on the CDLCONLINETM service; accordingly, you can return to trading at any time.