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Schedule of world trading sessions

A trading session is a time period in which trading actions on our planet are active.

Asian session

During this period, the most active trading is conducted in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo. Also here we could add Sydney.

European session

Here, the main market players are London, Madrid, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Moscow.

American session

Due to the fact that the major economic centers of North and South America are located in several time zones, the sessions overlap each other in time, but begin and end at different times. Economic centers are located in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Sao Paulo.



00:00 Start of the Asian session – the opening of the stock exchange in Tokyo.
Pacific and Asian Sessions shutdown.

05:00 Sydney goes out of the auction. The closure of the Pacific trading session.
Asian exchanges are alone on the market.

06:00 Closure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Beginning of the Middle East session.

08:00 Start of the European session.
Asia, the Middle East and Europe are on the market.

09:00 End of the Asian session – withdrawal from Singapore bidding.

12:00 Closing of the Middle East session.
European exchanges are alone on the market.

14:30 Start of trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
European and American trading sessions shutdown.

16:30 Closure of the European session
Only US exchanges trade.

21:00 Closing of the American trading session.
Beginning of the Pacific session – the opening of the stock exchange in Wellington

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Why CDLConline?

Cdlconline is the first universal crypto platform that allows institutions and individuals to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currency, trade cryptocurrency and convert it back to fiat. The CDLCONLINE Exchange is powered by advanced NASDAQ technology.

We aim to ensure transparent exchange of digital currencies between stakeholders. Your funds and personal data are protected by advanced encryption software, as well as with the most effective cybersecurity solutions available today.


The CDLCONLINE24 exchange operates on advanced NASDAQ technology, which is used by more than 100 trading platforms around the world. NASDAQ's robust technology platform provides users with low lags, improved performance, and high processing speed even with the largest trading volumes. High security standards guarantee complete protection against hacking and unauthorized actions.


Thanks to an ultra-modern user interface, our platform has no equal in design and functionality. The main components of optimized user interaction are transparency and informational openness, as well as the reliability and smooth operation of the platform. Exchange rates are always verifiable, and users get exactly what they see.


Your personal data is completely encrypted, and your funds are stored on your personal electronic wallet. By trading on the cdlconline exchange, you can be sure that our software is reliably protected from viruses and malware. We use hacking detection systems, as well as the most advanced technologies to combat hackers, phishing and malware.


Cdlconline working scenarios


Use automated trading based on the calculation of complex algorithms, save yourself time trading on the full machine.


Stay up to date with the latest news from our analytical center and trade with the help of signals from the best analysts of the blockchain industry.


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